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Virtual Drink and Draw classes every Wednesday 7:00pm-8:15pm. 

Plan your weeks with Unwined in mind, and give yourself an excuse for that glass of wine on a Wednesday, it’s simply a matter of education.

What to expect:

Each class we’ll be chatting about our selected wines of the week, demystifying some of the more head scratching aspects of the wine world. Meanwhile, we’ll be flexing our creative muscle often looking to different artists for inspiration. There’ll be warm up techniques, formal techniques and an opportunity for you to create something for your wall.

No prior experience required, just an open mind. 


Our weekly classes are 75 minutes long - we feel that this gives you enough time to get into your creative flow but is

 a realistic amount of time to be able set aside for yourself in your busy weeks.


While we encourage you to drink along with us with our weekly wine recommendations, the wine is always optional.  Just turning up with any glass or no glass at all is absolutely fine and our 'in house wino' is always there to answer any questions you may have about the wines you’re drinking.


You are welcome to participate with us and others as much or as little as you like - while we love answering your questions and enjoy hearing from you, our aim is to create a space where you can enjoy learning, creating and connecting, just turning up is enough.


A lot of people are put off trying classes that require a lot of materials, so again, we want to make our creative workshops as accessible as possible for those that don’t have lots of art equipment lying around. For most of our weekly classes you will only need a pencil or pen and paper and any materials are optional. 

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