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Each week we recommend a different wine for you to pair with our event. We talk you through a guided tasting and provide insight into the grape varietal, region and producer.  Our hope is that you leave feeling a little more knowledgeable about the wonderful world of wine. 

 We love it when you drink along with us so check out the slide below for our upcoming (and previous) wine picks. 

April 2021

Monthly Wine Picks

June 2021

Week 1

June 2 | Portrait Class

Italian Verdicchio

Suggestion: Umani Ronchi Verdicchio Class Superiore $19.99 @ BCLs

Week 2

June 9 | Still Life Class

BC Merlot 

Suggestion: Elephant Island Think Again Merlot $24.99 @ BCLs

Week 3

June 23 | Figure Class

Spanish Sherry!!!! 

Suggestion: Alvear Fino (dry) $21.99 @ BCLs

Week 4

June 30| Landscape Class

Australian Grenache 

Suggestion: Take it to the Grave Grenache $17.99 @ BCLs

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